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MxM Bookmark is an editor, created in 2013. We believe that tolerance also comes from diversity. Our Motto? Romance and Entertainment.

Month after month, our publishing house has been growing up and many new people have joined us: English speaking authors, translators, and now French speaking authors. And we keep growing up every day.

MxM Bookmark is one of the first publishers to offer LGBT romance in French. We believe in diversity, tolerance and universal love.

«No Dark Romance »

We wish to avoid extremely dark or morbid themes. As a result, you won’t find any detailed torture or dark romance in our catalog.  Our goal is to offer entertainment, to create dream worlds for our readers! We want to offer them quality works by focusing on positive works. We want our novels, whatever the hardness and trials of life, transmit positive values. «Love is universal, it transcends genres.» This is what we want to highlight. We want strong characters, human and particularly equal. A message of hope. A message of love.

«Authors from all around the world»

Our directory will bring together Frenchspeaking authors whose manuscripts will be carefully chosen by our team, but they won’t be alone! They will be featured alongside writers previously published in foreign countries as well. Their novels will be picked just as carefully and then translated. We want to offer diversity to our readers, who will discover books that were until now only available in English. We will also work closely with talented artists and graphic designers to propose attractive and elegant visuals. Some example of our cover :

SEXTON Marie - Le coeur en balance MANCELLON Céline - Nesos Atlas 1 KEAN Faith - Messager L.S. Baird - Songbirds of Valnon HAIME Lily - Mon plus beau rêve 285693-6c9c6ae54c7d4c2b99dd29d370952608 sexton-marie-witt-l-a-dans-ses-cordes WALKER NR - Red Dirt 1

They trust us :

  • Dreamspinner Press :
  • Samhain Publishing :
  • Riptide Publishing :
  • HarperTeen :
  • Penguin Books :
  • Hardie Grant Egmont :
  • And a lot of Self-publishing Authors : Josh Lanyon, N.R. Walker, Marie Sexton, L.A. Witt, Keira Andrews, Riley Hart, Christina Lee, Eli Easton, Jay Bell, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Susan Illene, Susan Kaye Quinn, Ashley Pullo…



~ 60.000 books sold
~ 3000+ fans on our fanpage
~ 80 titles available (01/09/2016)
~ We doubled our sales in 2016

To find news and informations about our directory and our authors…


Our Fanpage Facebook.

Site :

Our Fanpage Facebook.
Site :

For every inquiry.
Executive Editor (LGBT) :
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Are you an author? Do you wish to be published in French with us? Send us an email with:


– your pen name
– your complete name
– a summary
– a detailed synopsis
– your manuscript as a .doc, .pdf or .otf file.

~ Novel: 60,000 words and up
~ Long Novella: 35,000 – 60,000 words
~ Novella: 10,000 – 35,000 words



~ Erotic or not, not matter.
~ No free violence.
~ No Rape, BDSM, pornography… in preference.
~ All genres accepted except Dark Romance.

~ All novels are contracted in print and digital formats, which are released simultaneously in French.
~ No advance. Author earn 20% royalties for digital sales and 15% royalties for paperback sales.
~ We take care of the translation, printing, distribution…



~ Paper distribution in Europe and around the world in bookstore by a professional « Hachette »
~ Digital distribution by a professional « Immatériel » (Kobo, Apple, Amazon…)
~ Digital and paper novels, available on Amazon (FR, UK, DE, COM…)
~ Professional translators, covers and

~ Copyright remains with the author
~ Electronic contracts

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Nous privilégions les œuvres de fiction, particulièrement les romances entre hommes, à travers le spectre de la diversité. Que vous ayez envie d'une romance légère, d'un thriller haletant ou d'un voyage dans un autre temps, un autre lieu... vous trouverez toujours un livre adapté à vos envies ! ×
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